Advising Governments on Health Matters

Advising Government Leaders on Various Health Concerns

Government leaders must prioritize the health of their people. To do this, it is highly advisable to seek the expertise of a professional in the field. At Stevens Scientific Services LLC, we have the knowledge and experience needed to advise government agencies and officials on health matters.

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How We Can Help

We have given advice to members of the House of Representatives and Senate as well as presidential candidates regarding major diseases affecting humanity.

Government Funding of Biomedical Research

While there is bipartisan support for the research being funded by the National Institutes of Health, Congress is mandated by law to oversee this agency’s budget to ensure that the appropriated money is well spent. Because Dr. Stevens is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the National Institutes of Health, he’s met with members of Congress and the Senate (as well as POTUS candidates) pertaining to their oversight of the basic and clinical biomedical research being carried out in the United States. Stevens Scientific Services LLC can continue in such an important advisory role. For example, we can point out numerous areas of the Covid-19 pandemic which haven’t been adequately investigated. Another important area where we can help is getting the United States prepared for the next pandemic (e.g., Ebola).

Affordable Healthcare

While most Americans agree affordable health care should be accessible to all, there is disagreement as to how to pay its exorbitant costs. Because of Dr. Stevens’s strong biomedical background acquired in different countries and different health care systems, Stevens Scientific Services LLC can advise the leaders in America’s government on varied global health matters. For example, we developed a novel mechanism to better fund the controversial Affordable Health Act.