Drug Discovery Consulting

Consulting Services for Drug Discovery Research

Science is big business. In the pharmaceutical sector, Pfizer alone spent nearly $9 billion on research and development in 2019. The median cost of getting a new pharmaceutical into the marketplace is ~$1 billion. Moreover, it often takes 10 years for a drug to go through the necessary clinical trials before it gets Food and Drug Administration approval in the United States. Before a pharmaceutical company spends that much time, money, and effort to get a created drug approved for use in humans, it’s important to get objective scientific feedback from an expert early in the process to evaluate the potential efficacy of the developed drug, its possible side effects, and its likely market share.


Why Choose Us

Due to the money, time, and effort involved, the cost:potential rewards ratio of using Stevens Scientific Services LLC early on in a company’s drug discovery program is huge. In that regard, Prof. Stevens was a member of the scientific advisory board of a major pharmaceutical company who desired to develop synthetic inhibitors that targeted two mast cell-restricted human proteases. In a similar manner, we can advise pharmaceutical companies how to better proceed in their drug-discovery programs.