Organizing a Scientific Meeting

Helping You Plan and Organize Scientific Meetings

Scientific meetings serve as platforms for learning, networking, and exploring ideas among the research community. However, organizing a successful one is difficult and time consuming if you haven’t done it previously. The organizer must consider how many will attend the meeting, how many days in length it will be, and when it will be held. Its location and amenities also are important. The meeting must be advertised, and its social and scientific programs finalized. A decision also is needed as to whether its abstracts and/or proceedings are to be published. With Stevens Scientific Services LLC, you can plan and organize a scientific meeting that your colleagues will find enjoyable, informative, and rewarding.


How to Organize a Scientific Meeting

We follow the ten simple rules in organizing a scientific meeting, as published by PLOS Computational Biology:

  • 1 Science Is the Most Important Thing
  • 2 Allow for Plenty of Planning Time
  • 3 Study All Potential Financial Issues Affecting Your Event
  • 4 Choose the Right Date and Location
  • 5 Create a Balanced Agenda
  • 6 Carefully Select Your Key Helpers: the Organizing Committees
  • 7 Have the Members of the Organizing Committees Communicate Regularly
  • 8 Prepare for Emergencies
  • 9 Wrap Up the Conference Properly
  • 10 Make the Impact of Your Conference Last