Editing Manuscripts

Research Manuscript Editing for Professionals

Whether funds are requested from a government agency, pharmaceutical company, or a charitable foundation, grant success is highly dependent on the investigator’s publications. The same occurs for one’s personal advancement at an academic institution. At Stevens Scientific Services LLC, we help scientists and clinicians whose first language is not English with their manuscripts, textbooks, patent applications, PhD dissertations, and press releases. We offer comprehensive editing services to ensure that our clients’ articles are suitable for publication.

Handwriting text Editor. Conceptual photo demonstrating who is in charge of and determines the final content of a text

Why Hire a Manuscript Editor?

Editing of scientific manuscripts, textbooks, patent applications, PhD dissertations, and press releases is multifaceted. We aim to improve not only the language used in the article’s text but also the quality of its presented data. With a professional editor who has a strong scientific background and can understand the manuscript’s data, you will have a better chance of getting your article published in a journal with a high impact factor rating.

Steps in the Organization of Your Article for Publication

  • 1 Compose a concise, descriptive, and eye-catching Title.
  • 2 Create the Abstract and state the study’s major finding(s) there.
  • 3 Write a compelling Introduction, highlighting the relevant previous work in the area.
  • 4 Describe the Methods you used in-depth and see if some of its details can be moved to a Supplemental File.
  • 5 Write up the Results and prepare its Figures and Tables. The information there must agree with that in the manuscript’s text.
  • 6 Write the Discussion and explain how your data advance this area of science.
  • 7 Reference the Manuscript and Acknowledge the relevant people and granting agencies.
  • 8 Properly format the entire manuscript for the target journal.