Grant Applications and Research Projects

We Help You Find the Right Grant for Your Study

There are many grant opportunities for disease-related research, but finding the right match for your study can be challenging. Funders can limit or maintain a broad funding approach, either supporting biomedical studies about one or multiple diseases. With Stevens Scientific Services LLC, you can find the right foundation to fund your research.

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How We Can Help

For those who seek more scientific and political input, we offer tailored strategies for applications in the areas of immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. We can also help biomedical research projects in the analysis and interpretation of data.

Research Editing Services to Help You Win

Turn to Stevens Scientific Services LLC to increase your chances of getting a grant application funded by a government agency or private foundation. We offer quality services that will help you write successful proposals. In many cases, we can suggest additional specific aims to strengthen your application. We also can help direct research projects in certain areas of biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, and molecular biology.

What to Do for a Successful Research Project

  • Do your background work
  • Funding Bodies
  • Eligibility
  • Guidelines
  • Leave plenty of time for research
  • Be clear and get feedback in advance
  • Explain your study’s impact
  • Choose the best team for the work
  • Budget carefully and provide value for money
  • Provide a clear methodology

How to Create an Effective Grant Application

  • Identify your needs and focus on that
  • Find prospective grants and funding agencies
  • Write your proposal
  • Use an engaging writing style
  • Develop a general proposal and budget
  • Organize your content
  • Revise and polish
  • Include a sample budget and project timeline (in table and chart format)